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Volume 0: 1941-1977
 David's Evolution: Artist to Animator

(Vol 0 Evolution) A Growing Up button.png

GROWING UP 80 years of looking, drawing and growing.

(Vol 0 Evolution) C My 1st Animation button.png

MY FIRST ANIMATION In 1975 I experimented with moving and transforming my linear shapes
within a 12-tone color system.

(Vol 0 Evolution) 1 Process Art button.png

MOUNTAIN MISTS The morning mists swirling in from the mountains in Vermont inspired both
my process animation and my 1977 animation, VERMONT ETUDE

1 Robot (1977) button.png

CUBIC VARIATIONS  My early fascination with cubic figures and their environments culminated
in the transforming cubic worlds of ROBOT (1977) and ROBOT TWO (1978).

(Vol 0 Evolution) 7 Sculpture to Animated Hologram button.png

SCULPTURE TO ANIMATED HOLOGRAMS  I had always wanted to find a way to move and
transform my early sculpture, and I got my chance in 1978 with my first animated hologram,

5 Precious Metal button.png
(Vol 0 Evolution) 6 Black Lines button.png

BLACK LINE DRAWINGS  I was fascinated with what my pen could do within the juncture of
cursive writing and the human figure, and I made DISSIPATIVE DIALOGUES in 1982.

(Vol 0 Evolution) 2 Point to Line to Plane button.png

BEES AND STARS  Watching my bees at sunrise and the stars at night led me to a natural expression of Kandinsky’s “Point and Line to Plane” in my own POINT in 1984.

(Vol 0 Evolution) 4 Pixels button.png

PIXELS  From my initial drawings within the pixels of graph paper in the early 70s, I eventually
created my personal transforming graph paper in PIXEL (1987).

(Vol 0 Evolution) 5 Wood Paintings & Dryads button.png

WOOD GRAIN PAINTINGS  Moving on from my 70s paintings of figures within the grain of
wood, I animated my fantasies of the mythical tree-nymphs in DRYADS (1988).

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