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Volume 3: 1987-1993
 International Animation Collaborations
Co-directed and Produced by David Ehrlich
(4 films totaling 26 minutes)

Animated Self Portraits button.png

Animated Self Portraits  (1989 : 8'00")  Nineteen animators from  the U.S., Estonia, Japan, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia join together for a series of animated impressions of themselves. Co-directed by Sally Cruikshank, David Ehrlich, Candy Kugel, Bill Plympton, Maureen Selwood (USA); Mati Kutt, Priit Parn, Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer (Estonia, USSR); Borivoj Dovnikovic, Josko Marusic, Nikola Maydak, Dusan Vukotic (Yugoslavia) ; Jiri Barta, Pavel Koutsky, Jan Svankmajer (Czechoslovakia); Renzo Kinoshita, Kihachiro Kawamoto, Osamu Tezuka (Japan). An ASIFA Presente Production.

Dance of Nature button.png

Dance of Nature  (1991 : 3’49”)  Co-directed by Ehrlich and Karin Sletten, the film traces elements of nature common to Ehrlich’s Vermont and Sletten’s native Norway. Music by Tom Farrell

Genghis Khan button.png

Genghis Khan  (1993 : 7'46")  Animated in an authentic graphic style with period music, the film tells the story of  the first hunt of Genghis Khan as a small boy named Temujin. Directed by Miagmar Sodnompilin (Mongolia). Produced for Italtoons by David Ehrlich (USA).

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