Animation by David Ehrlich

Volume 1: 1977-1999

(18 films totaling 68 minutes)

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Robot  (1977 : 2’34”) The return home of a cubic figure, in contradictory multi-perspective, with the coloring based upon a cyclical twelve-tone spectrum.


Vermont Etude (1977 : 2’25”) Layered tracing paper drawings, inspired by the effect of the mountain mist and by animal tracks softly disappearing in the falling snow.

Robot Two  (1978 : 2’12”) Cubic forms emerge and dissolve through morning mists.


Vermont Etude, No. 2  (1979 : 4’04”) Inspired by the wildlife of Vermont, the mountains, the rising and setting of the sun, and the flight of bees.


Precious Metal  (1980 : 3’47”) A visual and musical elaboration on the Crab Canon in which the theme of intersecting beams is played against itself going backwards.


Fantasies: Animation of Vermont Schoolchildren  (1981 : 9’55”)  A collection of vignettes animated by Ehrlich’s young students, with connecting segments by Ehrlich.


Dissipative Dialogues  (1982 : 2’56”) Black calligraphic line reveals a series of evanescent encounters between a man and a woman, ending finally in a kiss.


Precious Metal Variations  (1983 : 3’35”) An exploration of surface and edge, color and contour, functions to create a visual dialogue between inside and outside.


Point  (1984 : 2’52”) A pointillist world embraces and integrates the movement of bees, stars and atoms, Kandinsky’s continuum of point to line to plane.


Dissipative Fantasies  (1986 : 4’21”) An individual finds that the world that intrudes upon his personal life cannot be escaped, and he turns to the next generation.


Pixel  (1987 : 2’47”) Hand-drawn and hand-colored on a pixel grid, the film is a meditative evocation of medieval stained glass windows.


Dryads  (1988 : 2’44”) Structural transformations of contemporary wood sprites.


A Child’s Dream  (1990 : 4’47”) Animating scenes of nature designed by children and underlighting through six layers yields a dreamlike image of a forgotten past.

Etude  (1994 : 3’55”) An animated clay-painting in homage to Abstract Expressionism.


Interstitial Wavescapes  (1995 : 3’18”) Waves are the layered effects of the evolution of matter and space, the fluctuating surface of the sea, and the ever-extending formations of earth and rock.


Robot Rerun  (1996 : 4’41”) Seeming to move forward in time and space, we exist in perpetual cycles, both creating and being created by our televised environments, which in the end are only reflections of our dreams.


ASIFA Variations  (1997 : 3’23”) A calligraphic ode to the ASIFA logo and various personalities in the International Animation Association.


Radiant Flux  (1999 : 3’22”) There is no mass, but only waves of energy flowing continuously outwards towards our future leaving traces of luminescent color.