Animation by David Ehrlich

Volume 2: 2000-2016

(10 films totaling 38 minutes)

(Tap a title below to view a particular animation)

Color Run  (2001 : 6'37") Clay animation in process of becoming a painting.


Taking Color for a Walk  (2002 : 4’52") An homage to Paul Klee. Color is taken for a walk through its various mixes and transformations.


Current Events  (2002 : 3’53") Abstract calligraphic lines evoke meditative rhythms of nature.


Line Dance  (2008 : 2’47”)  Linear waves of color repeat and overlap in a meditative dance of life.


Poznanie (2012: 3'35')  Working the color clay, my mind turned first to the way in which flowers swell and burst into radiant color, and then to mountain landscapes bathed in linear waves of vibrating light.

Meditations  (2013 : 3’46”) Sensuality intrudes upon abstract meditation until it is at one with it.


Pencil Test  (2013 : 3’26”) From line to surface, melody to harmony, and purity to sensuality.


China Violet  (2014 : 3’21”)  As he leaves China after five years, Ehrlich created a gentle ode to the Chinese land and its people.

Bio  (2015: 3’21”)   Dedicated to his father who was a doctor, Ehrlich’s animation is a lyrical meditation on the dynamics and transformations of human and plant biology.

Color Dance  (2016 : 3’00") Color contrasts in time have their own radiations, particles dancing on the retina of our memories of Nature.