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Animation by David Ehrlich
Volume 4: 2017-2024
New Animation
(8 films totaling 27 minutes)

Shan filmstrip button.jpg

SHAN  (2017: 3’17” )  A meditation, in the blue-green mountains, on age and timelessness. Music by Fang Xin

Lin filmstrip button.jpg

LIN  (2018; 2’55”)  A forest, becoming both less and more as the seasons go by, reaches old age, upright and alone. Music by Fang Xin

Only The Seas filmstrip button.jpg

ONLY THE SEAS LIVE FOREVER  (2020: 4’)  A meditation on the sea, ever moving and changing, like life itself. Music by Chenguan Tszo

Vol4 Coming or Going button.png

COMING OR GOING  (2020: 3’07”)  In memory of my mother, figures touch, separate, then merge into one another until they separate again.  Music by Chenguan Tszo

La creation du monde button.png

RATI TATI  (1993-2023: 3'52")

Animation of toy blocks for small children and

for those with young hearts.

Vol 4 Sing David Sing.png

SING, DAVID, SING  (2023: 2’43”)

Behind a curtain of shifting sound and color,

David finds his voice and begins to sing.

Music by Chenguan Tszo

Vol 4 A New World.png

A NEW WORLD (2024: 3’54”)

Through shifting shapes, colors and sound, a story is evoked of human connection and loneliness.

Music by Fang Xin.

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