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David Ehrlich: Citizen of the World

(Collection Image Par Image,) Dreamland; 1st edition

August 1, 2002, 143 pages. Paperback

by Olivier Cotte  (Author)

Personally signed by David Ehrlich


David Ehrlich is an independent animator teaching in the Film and Media Studies Department at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. In the last forty years, he has made primarily independent abstract, animated films, garnering recognition from all corners of the international film world. This bilingual text is divided into four parts: a short, amusing biography of Ehrlich; a deep analysis of his filmography and style; a dialogue between Ehrlich and the author; and anecdotes and commentary from other directors and animators throughout the world. Accompanying the text are sixteen full-color pages and numerous black and white illustrations. These images are culled from Ehrlich's award-winning animation and from his personal collection of family photographs.

This is a vital, illustrated, bilingual text written in French and English, in which experimental filmmaker Olivier Cotte documents and acknowledges David Ehrlich's 25-year period of continuous artistic production. -- Martha Patricia Niño Mojica, Project MUSE, October 2005

His images are restless and at times it's as if they, like Ehrlich, are in search of their life; a life that fits; a life that unleashes the soul from confusion, anger and frustration. --  Chris Robinson, Animation World Network, October 2002

Ehrlich's animation is both rigorously systematic and intuitive." -- Ian Elliott, The University of Nottingham, November 2004

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An incredibly dense exploration of a man whose influences range from classical painting to the mysteries of the I-ching. -- Richard Gorey, Animator, October, 2002

I love the many color plates of film drawings, and photos giving insight into Ehrlich's artistic and private life. -- Thomas Renoldner,, October, 2002

This is a wonderful, informative tribute to an independent American animator whose body of work includes over 30 films. -- Karl Cohen, ASIFA-San Francisco Newsletter, October, 2002